Aisha, a child of two worlds

• Certificate of Excellence in Type Design TDC² 2010.
• Selected for the Type Annual 2011 of UK design magazine Creative Review.
• Nominee for the Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany 2011.
• Selected by Typefacts as one of the best fonts of 2011.

Aisha is exclusively distributed by Rosetta, you can take a close look at the specimen here.

During the academic year 2008-09 I pursued research about the Maghribi script and its typographic representation at the ESAD Amiens. One of the results of my work at the post-diplôme is Aisha.

Aisha is a multi-script typeface for Arabic and Latin. While the Arabic design is a revival of a metal fount inspired by Maghribi calligraphy, the Latin design was newly conceived and drawn to echoe the feel and look of the Arabic. This page shows a detail of the poster I designed to present Aisha. It was printed in 600 copies, distributed by mail and at ATypI 2009.

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